Message from CEO

Kazutoshi Toma, CEO, PresidentTakeshi Mori, CEO, President
Kazutoshi Toma
CEO, President
Saint-Care Group contributes to a future society

My name is Kazutoshi Toma, and I assumed the post of President in April 2020.
From its foundation, the most important focus for the Saint-Care Group has been to have the right management by having the right attitude. As representative of the Group, I will also devote myself to continuing this management approach.

The right management means embracing high ideals. These ideals are not simply size or social recognition, reflecting one’s own vanity.
They mean becoming a company that can make a long contribution to society. They also mean being a “good company.” A “good company” is one where customers and staff enjoy a high degree of satisfaction while also working together for growth. The sense of achievement attained with growth is also connected to a feeling of having done something worthwhile and leading a fulfilling life.

A serious issue when thinking about the current situation in Japan and the prospects for the future, from the perspective of how to make a long contribution to society, is the low birth rate and aging population. The working population required to support the elderly, who will account for one-third of the total population by 2035, will be much smaller than now. It is clear that the future will be unable to cope if the current social systems persist.

Consequently, Saint-Care Group’s contribution to society will not merely be the provision of care to the continuously growing number of people requiring care. The structural problems due to the enormous number of people requiring care and the declining working population is becoming more critical. Under such circumstance, we believe we should aim for the noble ideal of achieving the wellbeing of all Japanese society, even though it will be difficult, contributing to society through our ongoing pursuit of ways to provide sustainable care.
The in-home care and in-home nursing we provide that is linked to medical care and our provision of home based services are also part of these ideals. We believe maintaining a social system that is only structured so that end-of-life care for many people is spent in a hospital will be difficult. We believe that the increase in severity and self-support will become important point of view as one of the major care providers.

A theme at Saint-Care Group is how we can help solve the important social issue of how people requiring care can live at home after leaving hospital.

I will continue to work towards realizing these ideals, renewing the conviction that I embraced when joining the company as a new graduate to support Japan’s welfare and care. I look forward to your ongoing support and encouragement.

Kazutoshi Toma
CEO, President